6th of June 2012

Protecting Plymouths Historic Environment

Warspite Room, The Council House, Plymouth

This meeting hosted by the Plymouth Civic Society brought together representatives from conservation areas across the city together with representatives from English Heritage and Plymouth City Councils Planning Department to discuss ways forward to afford greater  protection for the historic environment in Plymouths Conservation Areas.

During this Soraya Phillips gave an illustrated talk identifying particular concerns about the historic environment in the North Stonehouse Conservation Area.

Further details of the meeting can be found in the Civic Society Notes below. Those interested in actively working to help to protect Plymouths Conservation Areas please contact Peter Towey Chair of the Plymouth Civic Society info@plymouthcivicsociety.co.uk. Alternatively if you’re specifically only interested in working to protect any of the Stonehouse Conservation areas please contact Soraya Phillips (Chair of Friends of Wyndham Square and committee member of Stonehouse Action) at info@friendsofwyndhamsquare.co.uk

Photographs accompanying Soraya’s Illustrated talk about the North Stonehouse Conservation Area 6th June

Plymouth Civic Society  Notes-Protecting Conservation Areas-06 Jun 2012